Monday 07.24.17

Welcome to Test Week! If you have just joined the gym, or have never been apart of one of our Test Weeks, this is where we set a baseline from which we will build off of in our next 12 week cycle. Let's take a step back and explain the format of our programming.


Our cycles are divided up into 3 types of days. 60% of our days (Mon-Fri) will be our Practice days. This gives us a chance to focus on quality movement while learning new functional skills. These days are higher in accessory work to complement our main, compound exercises.


30% of our days will be our Competition days. These are our "game days." The mindset going into these days will evolve around strategy and efficiency to complete the prescribed daily work.


Lastly, 10% of our days will be our Mental Toughness days. These days focus on silencing that inner voice in our head that sometimes stops us from achieving our goals. Our goal is that you will learn more about yourself on these days.


By adding these days to our format, it allows us as coaches to add context and value to each day. If we improve inside the gym, we will be better humans outside the gym. Let's attack this week with a lot of focus. We can't wait to help you reach your goals!


These are all of the tests this week. There is a theme and purpose to each day. Don't skip workouts just because you don't favor certain movements. Let's approach this challenge with a willingness to learn and push our limits to the next level.



Strength & Power

•Test 1: 1 Rep Max Hang Clean

•Test 2: 1 Rep Max Front Squat



High Intensity Capacity

•Test 3:

3x3min to complete

200m Sprints

10 Shoulder to Overhead 95/65#

Max Effort Lateral Burpee Over Bar

**3min Rest after each round. Your score will be your total number of burpee completed.



Endurance Capacity

•Test 4:

For Time

1.5mile Run

800m Farmers Carry 53/35#



Barbell Endurance Capacity

•Test 5: 15min to find a Max for the complex:

2 Snatch+ 3 Overhead Squats

•Test 6: 15min to find a Max for the complex:

1 Clean+ 3 Front Squats+ 1 Jerk



Bodyweight Exercise Capacity

•Test 7: 10min to find Max hold for one of the following:


Chair sit



•Test 8:

10min AMRAP

5 Toes to Bar

10 HR Push Ups

15 Box Jumps 24/20"

Monday 7.10.16

RETEST WEEK!!!! This is the week that shows the results of all our hard work. Let's attack this week with the mindset of giving 100% every time we step into the gym. We coaches are extremely proud of the effort we have seen over this cycle, and we are excited to see the results you have earned through that effort. Let's have some fun!

•Test #1:



Thrusters 95/65#

Pull Ups

(10min Time Cap)

•Test #2: Max Effort Plank Hold

Monday 7.3.17

We have some good news, and more good news. Because of the holiday on Tuesday, we have decided to push back our Retest Week to next week. We realize some of you will be out of town or busy for the holiday, and we want you to have a consistent week of tests. That is the reason for this decision. With that being said, this week will still follow our regular format with high intensity work. Remember, we will only have an 8am and 9am class on Tuesday the 4th. So get ready for a "Mental Toughness" workout, and if you aren't dressed in red, white, and blue, then be prepared for BURPEES! Ha! All other classes this week will be the same schedule as always. We look forward to seeing all of you there!


•Tabata (alternating)

Double Unders

Barbell Front Squats

•2x400m Sprint- 1min rest

•4x200m Sprint- 1min rest