Monday 4.17.17

Mental Toughness
Flight Simulator
Wall Balls 20/14#
**All sets have to be unbroken. You decide how much you break between sets. The ball must drop back to the ground between sets. A pause at the top or the bottom of the movement during a set IS A BREAK, and you must drop the ball and start that set over. If you are looking at the workout and thinking about not coming because you hate wall balls or hate this workout specifically, YOU NEED TO COME! These mental toughness days are here to teach us how to handle tasks that are annoying or that we're not fond of. This is the first mental toughness day of this 3-month cycle. Don't start it off by skipping out. Stand up to this challenge and let's have fun doing it. Show up with a determined attitude, and realize that results don't come easy. You all killed it last week so let's keep the momentum rolling!