Monday 4.10.17

We want to congratulate everyone for their hard work in last week's tests. We saw a lot of PRs and a lot of "fun" being had. That makes us as coaches very happy and excited. 

Now our new program will be much different from what we have done in the past. It will be designed to help us, as a gym, add context to our daily workouts. By doing this we will be able to add value to each day by combining a physical and mental experience to learn more about ourselves. CrossFit was originally designed to make us better for everything outside of the gym. This new format will help just that. 

60% of our days will be PRACTICE days. These will be approached just like if we were practicing a sport. We come into the gym to work specifically on skill work and progressions for more difficult movements while having fun with others in the process. Quality of movement is the most important aspect of this day. We make this the majority of our training so when competition arises, our form wont fail us under pressure. Which brings us to our next type of day. 

30% of our days will be COMPETITION days. These are our "game days." This is where we use the skills we have learned to push ourselves to compete against the clock, ourselves, or others around us. 

10% of of our days will be MENTAL TOUGHNESS days. These days are meant to teach us about ourselves. Learning how to calm our breathing under certain task, how to make decisions to push harder, and how to handle pressure knowing the task at hand will be difficult. 

Our goal for the next three months (at least), is to advance the mind and body experience of the gym. If we learn how to mentally approach a certain task, the physical side gets much easier inside and outside the gym. We will learn, we will get healthier, and we will have fun doing it. We as coaches are really excited to help everyone through this new journey. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. We are here to help. 

•EMOM for 10:00
Even min- 5 Unilateral RDL (ea. leg)
Odd min- 15 Hollow Rocks
•Back Squat- 3x10 @ 50%
•10min QAMRAP
5 Strict Chin Ups
10 DB Box Step Ups (ea leg)
15 Bent Over DB Rows