Monday 5.29.17

Classes tomorrow at 7,8,9 am only


DELOAD WEEK! This week we will give our bodies a chance to recover from the volume of the first 7 weeks of this cycle.  Our overall volume for the week will be less, but our intensity will still be high. Fight the urge to do extra work this week. Trust the process. Focus on getting enough sleep, proper hydration, and the right foods to aid recovery. Let's get some great work in this week so we can attack the last 4 weeks of this cycle will all the energy we need. 

•Squat Clean+ 2 Front Squats+ Jerk- Work up to a max for the day
•For time: 500m Row
•For Completion
30 Strict Handstand Push Ups
**1min Plank Hold after every 10 reps