Monday 6.26.17

Today is the last week of our 12 week cycle! We are so proud of the effort this community has shown for the past few months. We coaches have witnessed a lot of goals being met and PRs being accomplished on a weekly basis. That lets us know that we as a community are headed in the right direction.

This week will be programmed as a deload week. What that means is we will give our bodies an opportunity to recover from the high volume of the last couple of weeks. That does not mean that workouts will be "easy." What this means is the total volume of reps for the week will be lowered. By doing this it will allow us to keep the intensity high, but wont beat up our nervous systems. Muscles need a chance to recover, so this week we have to keep a major focus on sleep, nutrition, and hydration. Testing week will be after this week, so rest up for the challenge ahead!


•EMOM 15min (30sec on, 30sec off)

1st min- Strict Chin Ups

2nd min- Tempo Push Ups

3rd min- Hollow Rocks

•Alternating DB curls- 3x10 ea. arm