Monday 7.3.17

We have some good news, and more good news. Because of the holiday on Tuesday, we have decided to push back our Retest Week to next week. We realize some of you will be out of town or busy for the holiday, and we want you to have a consistent week of tests. That is the reason for this decision. With that being said, this week will still follow our regular format with high intensity work. Remember, we will only have an 8am and 9am class on Tuesday the 4th. So get ready for a "Mental Toughness" workout, and if you aren't dressed in red, white, and blue, then be prepared for BURPEES! Ha! All other classes this week will be the same schedule as always. We look forward to seeing all of you there!


•Tabata (alternating)

Double Unders

Barbell Front Squats

•2x400m Sprint- 1min rest

•4x200m Sprint- 1min rest