Monday 3.25.19

If you have just joined with us, we’re going to take some time to explain our program here at HCCFit. Our cycles are divided up into 3 types of days. 60% of our days (Mon-Fri) will be our Practice days. This gives us a chance to focus on quality movement while learning new functional skills. These days are higher in accessory work to complement our main, compound exercises. 

30% of our days will be our Competition days. These are our "game days." The mindset going into these days will evolve around strategy and efficiency to complete the prescribed daily work. 

Lastly, 10% of our days will be our Mental Toughness days. These days focus on silencing that inner voice in our head that sometimes stops us from achieving our goals. Our goal is that you will learn more about yourself on these days. 

By adding these days to our format, it allows us as coaches to add context and value to each day. If we improve inside the gym, we will be better humans outside the gym. Let's attack this week with a lot of focus. We can't wait to help you reach your goals! 


A) 3x500m Row AFAP
2min rest between

B) 21-15-9
Power Cleans 135/95#
Ring Dips
Pull Ups