Monday 5.20.19

TEST WEEKS ARE HERE! That's right. Weeks. As in more than one week.HA! Two weeks of tests to set some benchmarks for this next cycle. Coach Erik has come up with some awesome things for us to do. We also can't emphasize enough how important it will be to record your scores in either our Triib app at the gym, or in your own workout journal. If you're still unsure how to enter your scores at the gym, let a coach know and we can help. This will give us an opportunity to look back at the end of this cycle when we retest to see how much we've improved and what else we need to work on. See you all there!


A) Strength Test 1
Max Back Squat

B) Bodyweight/Gymnastics Test 1
Strict Pull Ups
5 Sets @ Max Reps (this must be to failure)
    (If using a band, start with the hardest band on first few sets and continue to an easier band. Must notate how many reps for each band used.)

C) Bodyweight/Gymnastics Test 2
Max 1min Push Ups x3 (till failure)
    (record reps for each set)

D) Monostructural Test 1
2000m Row AFAP
(make sure to notate time for comparison)