Friday 8.23.19


A. Sumo Deadlift 

Work to heavy 1 rep in 12 mins

B. EMOM for 12 mins: 

1. Dumbbell Deadlift 50/35 Max reps 45 seconds 

2. Renegade Rows (full movement with push up) Max reps 45 seconds 

3. Up and back Dumbbell Push, full minute 

C. Accessory 


Weighted V-Ups 

4 x 12 reps 

  • Superset w/ max Hollow Rock Hold 

Weighted Strict Knees to Chest or elbows 

3 x 12 

Flutter Kick/ Scissor Kick 

1 min Flutter kick and 1 min Scissor Kick x 4


Optional  Extra work 

Strict Pull Up Work

A.  4 Sets Max Reps (compare to last week’s numbers) 

(if you use a band, use the hardest possible first and work your way down) 

B. 4 x 5 reps Negative pull ups, 5 seconds down.  

C. 3 sets max strict Ring Rows, (as horizontal and straight as you can) 

*** Make sure to note reps on each set 

Strict Muscle Ups work   

A. False grip Pull ups x 4 x Max reps 

B. False grip hold x 4 x Max time 

  • Goal is to hold in false grip for as long as you can without compromising the grip 

  • If you cannot hold false grip in dead hang, scale with false grip ring row hold

C. Ring Dips 

  • 4 x Max reps Bodyweight.  Full Range of motion. Quality vs Quantity 

    • Use band if needed

D. Strict Pull Ups in Hollow position

  • 4 x Max Reps Bodyweight 

    • Use band if needed 

D. Scaled Kneeling Muscle up Catches 

  • 4 x 5 reps